Music and Art at Bombs Away Cafe

Stay tuned to our music calendar for a great night out with your friends and great music. At Bombs Away we also feature the art of local artists. Find out more about our currently featured artists below.

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Featured Music

Apr 28

Gift of Gab + The Turntable Enabler + DTW

10:00 || $15
The Gift of Gab is a critically-acclaimed rapper/MC who hails from the Bay Area California. He is 1/2 of the group, Blackalicious and 1/3 of the group The Mighty Underdogs. But you knew that. Bombs Away is honored to welcome this legendary artist to our stage for the first time, and we hope you’ll join us!
The Turntable Enabler is gonna turn your brain inside out, lick the starch off, and stuff it back in your skull with fresh wrinkles and a sun-dried shine. He’s got more records than Michael Jordan (who?), and he’s going to play as many as it takes to give you a genuine life-gasm.
DTW misunderstood their Sunday school lesson and took it to heart when told to “Play without ceasing”. I’ve been told they dream in F Mixolydian and think in B-flat Major…Don’t worry, your body knows what to do with it!

Apr 29

Cedar Teeth + Vaudeville Etiquette

9:30 || $7
Cedar Teeth hails from the Cascade foothills, where the sound of saws cut through the Oregon woods and the lights of Portland set the western horizon aglow. Between the five members of the band emerges a fusion of guitars, banjo, and keys, propelled by bass and drums, while vocal harmonies weave through the music. A vision of NW roots rock that is immersive and rustically melodic.

Vaudeville Etiquette is Seattle Alt-Americana. Magnetic, provocative, and dynamic with deep roots and classic rock chemistry. Think Stevie Nicks and Ryan Adams on a 3-day bender with The Allman Brothers.
“Seattle music’s bright new face.” Charles Cross, The Seattle Times

May 4

Funk Jam!

9:00 || Free
This monthly event features a core group of stellar musicians who bring a drum kit/backline and keep the funk moving as players who sign up join on various instruments. Hosted by Bombs Away Cafe on the 1st Thursday of every month!

May 5

Cinco De Mayo Party with Groupo Masato & Loose Joints

9:00 || $10
A Cinco De Mayo Celebration for the ages! Loose Joints will be rolling in to get you limbered up and in the mood with their improv-laden classic rock. Features Brian Bucolo, John Carroll, Steve Liebhardt Erica Prince, and Michael Proctor, local heroes all! [Improv Rock-n-Roll]
Groupo Masato is a Portland-based band that plays highly danceable music from South America. Highlighting the Chicha music that grew out of the late 1960’s where Andean flute music in Peru mixed with Cumbia rhythms from Colombia and were transformed by electric guitars, Fender spring reverb amplifiers, and the discovery of surf music and psychedelic rock. Chicha music gets its name from a powerful liquor made from fermented corn and pineapple skins. It is uniquely Andean, merging mountain folk melodies, Cumbia rhythms and surf guitar twang into something that is as intoxicating as the beverage it’s named after. Grupo Masato explores and celebrates this music with a powerful show that will make you want to dance. No specific dances to learn, so the music is accessible for anyone that shows up and wants to join in! [Chicha, Cumbia, Afro-Peruvian Dance Music]

May 6

Rob Wynia & The Sound - CD release!

9:30 || $15
Long-time local favorite Robert Wynia , singer-songwriter from the seminal northwest band Floater, is joined by The Sound, featuring Mark Powers (She & Him), Rich Landar (Richmond Fontaine), David Amador (Floater), and Skip VonKuske (Portland Cello Project) to celebrate the release of Wynia’s new album, “Brave the Strange.” This will be an evening with Robert Wynia & The Sound as they perform the entire new album, followed by a full set of fan favorites!

May 10

Comedy Open Mic

9:00 || Free
Do you crack yourself up? Comedy on down here and share the wealth! Sign-ups start at 8pm, and the yuks start at 9. Featuring Chris Ettrick, Keith Cameron, and Shrista Tyree and hosted by NappyTHC! This is the first of an ongoing series we hope will become a Corvallis staple, so if you’ve been holding off on that stand-up career because there’s nowhere to perform around here, well, you’re out of excuses now!

May 11

Jazz Jam!

9:00 || Free
This monthly event features a core group of stellar musicians who bring a drum kit/backline and keep it cool as players who sign up join on various instruments. Hosted by Bombs Away Cafe on the 2nd Thursday of every month!

May 12

Clara Baker + Michaela Hammer

9:30 || $5
On the eve of her launch out of Corvallis and into the hearts of millions across the country, Clara Baker will be performing her soulful modern folk one last time as a resident of our fair villa. Accompanying her on Bass and Keys will be the stalwart Justin Schepige of DTW. Corvallian ex-pat and fellow Thunder Anne collaborator Michaela Hammer will be making her first local appearance in quite some time as opener, so don’t be late!

May 13

That Coyote + Deadcode

9:30 || $5
If you’ve ever thrown a Black Sabbath album on a bonfire, you won’t want to miss this golden opportunity to protect the public by picketing this show. That Coyote is a heavy multiform fire cult with very comfortable T-shirts. Deadcode plays the hell out of their alt-prog sagas with maximum riffage, maximum wailing, maxiumum thunder. Carve some magick into your hypothalamus and Do What Thou Wilt.

May 16

90s Dance Party

9:00 || Free
JNCOs? Check. Hydrogen Peroxide bowl cut? Check. Tweety/Cobain/Marilyn Manson/Britney Spears shirt? Check. Alright. Sounds like y’all ready for this.

May 17


9:00 || Free
Hammerhead is a harmony-rich folk collaboration between Tyler Robson and Andrew Harrison. Unapologetically pensive with no brooding in sight, plenty of pleasing lyrical surprises and more full o’ hooks than an old catfish’s belly.

May 18

Curtis Monette

8:30 || Free
For 10+ years, our resident live-looping lunatic Curtis Monette has been performing his dissertation on the limits of texture in solo musical performance. Warping between acoustic guitar, electric bass, mandolin, beat-box, layered harmonic vocals, and electric guitar, Monette weaves a dizzying sonic adventure from his repertoire of classic psych, rock and bluegrass tunes.

May 19

Big Outside

9:30 || $5
Big Outside is an Oregon band playing all original songs, combining fun dance grooves with thoughtful lyrics and spontaneous improvisation. The global groove music of Big Outside is rooted in Reggae and Afropop and other beats of the world. Rhythmic, energetic, and irresistibly danceable.– music that moves the feet and the soul!

May 20

Funk in the Forest After-Party

10:30 || $10
Pre-funk in the forest then beat feet over to Bombs Away for the time-bending paradox that is High Step Society . With one foot in 1920 and the other in 2017, this is either EDM for the Jazz Age or Swing for the Silicon Era. Any way you slice it, it’s delicious.

May 25

Free Range Open Mic

8:30 || Free
Now in our second year, Free Range Open Mic is a roving event open to players of all levels of experience. Hosted by Bombs Away on the 4th Thursday of each month. Get your music heard, do some networking with other musicians, or just sit and enjoy the variety! Sign-ups start at 7:30pm and fill up fast!

May 26

Slow Burn & the Shady Bunch + Run the Risk

9:30 || $5
Slow Burn and the Shady Bunch pack about as much party into an hour as the Surgeon General will allow, so we’re rounding out the night with some other fine young rocking fellows. Corvallis: meet Run the Risk . These cats really got the crowd going during the OSU Music Production Collective Showcase and we’re excited to have them back for a full set this time!

May 27

Jenna Summer-Smith

9:30 || $5
Jenna Summer-Smith is always full of surprises and this night is sure to be no exception. Marooned in the far reaches of the galaxy until recently, she’s back in town, and back in action! Come see what’s been floating around in her third ear just waiting to make you smile.

May 31

Pencils, Pens, and Drinks With Friends

9:00 || Free
It is postulated by certain esoteric doctrines that colors do not possess magical powers, they are magical powers. Creativity and companionship come together during this new monthly event where the entertainment is…you! Activate the artist inside without having to retreat to a mountain hut, living off the land in ascetic destitution for seven years – let’s be honest, we’d miss ya too much! Drawing and coloring supplies will be provided, along with fun activities and prompts in case you just need to know where to start.